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My name is Rachel,

I am the owner of The Jaded Medical Biller Consulting Group. I have been in the health care industry since 2007. I have done medical billing in large hospitals, private practices, small groups, and medium-sized clinics. 

I was once even a business development director, In all those cases, I was TOLD I was an asset, Superstar and I was rewarded with gifts and accolades.

However, I was never monetarily paid what I should have been paid.  I was not aware of this until one day, I took over the payroll for one of the owners of the clinic I was working at and to my surprise, I made less than every single person in the office including the person who answered the phones!

Horrified would be the only way I could describe it. I was embarrassed, I felt shame because I had placed so little value on my skill set and worth. The fact that I was so unaware of how things were, that I would allow myself to be utilized to my full potential, to the point where I was running the clinic literally and I making less than the woman who answered the phones, shocked me.

That day I decided I was going to take my skillset and embark on entrepreneurship. I realized I am already running the company, I can run mine, and I am going to pay myself what I am worth. After I accomplished my goal and I was making my own money, more money than I have ever made in my entire life, I said to myself, “other women need to know how to do this, other women need to be aware that this is an option.”

If your boss is calling you a superstar at work and not paying you what you are worth, that word should feel like an insult to you, not a compliment. If you are a superstar for them, why can’t you be a superstar for yourself? SUPERSTAR means, I need you, but I do not value you… It’s not a compliment.

When you look at what’s out there are no cheerleaders for you to do this, My nearest competitor charges $27,000.00 to help you set up your own medical billing business, so I decided I was going to be the person who can get you in and on the right track without spending $27,000.00 to do it.  So here I am, teaching others how to start their own medical billing business and gain the financial freedom they deserve!

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