I founded the academy on one simple desire: to create a beautiful ripple in the world by improving the spiritual wellness of those I came in contact with. That’s it.

Through that desire, I understood that there are many outward branching ways to achieve true and tangible happiness. With continuous learning and self-healing, we can begin to understand how to elevate our path and in turn, understand ourselves better . When we understand who we are, we can also begin to teach others to do the same. To embrace their journey. To reflect. To sit with pain and understand it. To get to the root of limiting beliefs and disprove it. To wake up fulfilled, content, and at peace. 

To create this positive ripple, I enlisted the help of advisers in a multitude of mind, body, and spirit alignment areas. With inspiring and respected instructors that reach all across the country, the Bloom Healing Arts Academy is a collective movement of soul-led teachers who are ready and willing to gift eager learners with the tools they need to move into the next phase of their personal journey. Our  truest desire is that we all win.

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I am incredibly proud of all the wonderful instructors I’ve had the honor or working with, and look forward to the continued evolution of the Healing Arts Academy family. From corporate wellness offerings and workshops, to beautiful life-giving retreats and personal growth adventures,  I hope this academy gifts you with all the tools you need to live the best, most overflowing, and abundant life ever. You deserve it.

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