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Nolace Canada by Perfect-Line is the Sole Distributor for Canada. I launched this line which is new to Canada on April 1, 2020.  Nolace is in collaboration with Perfect-Line who invented this product and first marketed it back in 2017. The water, oil and sweat resistant concealer was invented, manufactured, and distributed by a team of black women.  The concealer is now manufactured here in Canada and available on our online store

The “moto” of our company is “BPS” coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success!!

Our concealer works to help enhance the wig game and take out the bleaching and tinting process that can ruin your awfully expensive units. It is made of 100% natural materials that not only protects your hair line, that can thin out with constant removal of your units, but it also promotes growth where the concealer is applied.

The process of application is amazingly simple and takes less than 7 minutes to complete, leaving your units looking flawless and scalp like. 

What sets our concealer apart from the rest is that it gives everyone that uses our concealer the confidence that we all want but can never achieve without harsh glues, dyes, paste and gels. Our concealer gives you a blank canvas when applied so that you can customize to perfection. If you feel that the shade may be a little off, you will still remain flawless and the concealer is not disturbed by washing your hair, working out or using your favourite oils to moisturize. Treat our wig grid knot lace concealer as if it were your actual scalp you will be amazed every time you look in the mirror at your results.

We cover all shades of scalp which allows everyone that wears wigs or lace frontals to achieve flawless scalp. 

  • No-nonsense NUDE is our lightest shade 
  • Talented TAN is our fair skinned shade 
  • Marvellous MICH is our light brown shade
  • Dynamic DAN is our medium brown shade
  • Sensational SHADAE is our darkest brown shade

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  • Also available on as Perfect-Line

NOlace Canada

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