Mellow Vybes

Born and raised in Worcester, MA, Tiffany grew up an introverted creative, intuitive, and dreamer. Always into the metaphysical and known for her mellow nature and old soul, Tiffany began meditating at age 12 every day after school, and studied aura reading and self-hypnosis. She pushed past social anxiety and shyness in order to perform any chance she could get in school as a violinist, singer, dancer, drummer, and model for various programs. Tiffany graduated from Dickinson College in 2008. She received her Mindfulness certification in 2017 and completed two business programs in 2018. In 2019, she completed her practitioner certifications in Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy to add to her arsenal, as a way to further help people move past mental blocks and grow into awareness, self-love, and actualization. Tiffany has published articles on Medium and in the Holistic Fashionista magazine and blog. She also has a chapter published in the Holistic Fashionista collaborative book series High Priestess.

As an accomplished singer and poet, Tiffany also self-published a poetry collection entitled Love Cycles in 2013 and an EP entitled Shift in 2018, as well as started her own publishing house Plane Jayne Publishing under ASCAP.

Q: What led you to get into this industry?

A: I got into personal development around the age of 12 or 13, when I wanted to build my self-esteem and become confident. So over 20 years later, I get really excited about helping others become their best self, move past traumas, and live out their full potential.

Q: What is your favourite item available on your website?

A: Outside of hypnotherapy sessions, my fave is The Purpose Passion Project.

Q: Do you have any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

A: It’s super hard and complicated, and paperwork and taxes can be difficult when you work for yourself. Honestly, the system probably structures it that way to discourage people, but if you know you have a calling on your life and that involves doing and starting things on your own, then do it. It is always going to be worth it to go hard for what you love, because you also grow and expand in the process. Actualizing all of your potential is the point of this life.

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