With humble roots in the American South, the Henderson family made its way west to the great state of California in the 1940s. Settling on Alton Street, in a town a stone’s throw from America’s largest port, the beginnings of a great family business took root.

The company’s founder learned many things from her grandmother, including a love for the things she would eventually dedicate the entirety of her creative focus towards. With a great appreciation for the way a well-made candle can subtly shift the atmosphere of a room and the mood of its inhabitants, the founder sought to turn her passion into a business with the help of her family.

Through trial and error, great attention to detail, and a few burned fingers along the way, an exceptional product resulted. No black smoke; a smooth, even burn; and a room-filling aroma. The Alton Company is the result of a woman and her family’s attempt to make candle lovers of us all.

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