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Karif Beauty
September 9, 2014
October 4, 2014

My name is Collisa Bishop a mother to a handsome almost three years old toddler and wife to an amazing husband. I’m originally from Kingston, Jamaica but now reside in Canada. What led me to start my own business? The love for fashion and the fashion industry and I was in constant search for unique fashion pieces that I wasn’t finding within Canada, my search would lead me outside of Canada. I did some research and found out that other women in Canada were having the same issues, I wanted to change that and try to minimize cross border shopping, so I decided to start TrendyColly. I also always dared to be different, (trendsetter lol) I like being admired and asked where did you get that? !


I would say I grew up in the fashion industry, my mother and two of her sisters are seamstresses and two of my uncles were tailors. I remember when it was back to school time in Jamaica and my mom had all those uniforms to make, she would make me sew the hems and the buttons on the uniform and cut any loose threads. I was always intrigued by the finish products. She always joked that I wouldn’t come and learn to cut from a pattern but I was more interested in the outcome than the process lol. !


Believe in yourself and your brand. Keep knocking on all the doors until one is open and never give up. It may seem hard at first but always put your best effort in it. Better to try and fail than to never try at all!


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Toni Daley
Toni Daley
Toni Daley is a natural hair vlogger on YouTube, artist, and jewelry designer from Toronto, Canada as well as founder of


  1. Brenda Williamson says:

    Great Blog, dear Colly, and your pictures are beautiful!!!
    You deserve every success, and I will be praying for it, for you!
    I am very proud of you!!

  2. Jeniffer Pottinger says:

    Collisa, I like the encouragement in your post to go after our passion, to be the unique person we are already created to be. It requires courage, fortitude, perseverance and commitment to the dream outcome with excellence; all qualities I believe you have and are walking out in pursuit of your dream. YAY!
    The pics are lovely by the way 🙂
    Good success and prosperity to you!

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