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Third Eye Visionary

November 17, 2014
January 6, 2015

Priscilla Grant is an emerging Canadian poet of Caribbean descent and recently self-published a collection of poetry called Eleventh Grade and Other Poems.  She has been writing for this project for about four years but started writing at the age of twelve.


Poetry was a natural progression as music has always been her first love.  She was naturally drawn to poetry because its similarity to lyrics in music.


“A poem can be a song, or story; it at all depends on how it is written or performed. It is only limited by our imaginations.”


You can find Priscilla online at


You can purchase the book at:



Toni Daley
Toni Daley
Toni Daley is a natural hair vlogger on YouTube, artist, and jewelry designer from Toronto, Canada as well as founder of

1 Comment

  1. C. Catchings says:

    About the poem: maybe she (the protagonist) is not falling behind so much as intentionally focusing her vision on someone/something without depth..expecting there to be more where there isn’t. In girlfriend terms; “Girl, let him go!” 😉 “Him” could also substitute for an issue/conundrum/idea which is only a distraction from things with more depth..things that are still available when you learn the lessons of the past, seeing which signs of depth are really shallow substitutes. Good luck to Priscilla Grant.

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