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Angel Hair is a Christian based online magazine dedicated to promoting the love of natural hair in kids.  Based in Toronto, it was founded by Nicole, a Christian, wife, mother of two and a natural hair advocate!  I got a chance to catch up with Nicole and ask her a bit about how Angel Hair Magazine came about.


Q: What inspired you to start Angel Hair Mag?

A: There were several reasons:  I had founded other magazines in the past, but I was looking to create one where I could share Christian principles and the message of God’s love with others. I had also begun to question my own perceptions about chemically processed hair, and why I felt relaxed hair was “tidy and professional”, but natural hair was “rough and unkempt”. I began to do the research on the history of perming/relaxing in the black community and was shocked to realize that I too had some self-hate going on. When my six year old daughter came home and told me she wanted long, straight hair like her Indian and Caucasian classmates, the Holy Spirit laid it in my heart that it was time to establish a magazine that would promote a love of natural hair in kids of Afro-descent. Our kids need to know that God made them unique and wonderful, from head to toe.
Q: Did you find it difficult to meld the natural hair and Christianity aspect together?

A: Not at all! It’s the most natural connection.  In Matthew 10:30 (The Bible) says God loves each of us so much, that he even knows the exact number of hair on our heads. Can you imagine? God knows the number of each curly, kinky, wavy strand and considering what a tangled mess mine is at times, that is profound!  I believe our kids are bombarded with images of beauty that do not reflect them (media,society etc). What could make a child feel more self-worth than to know he or she was specially created, and that even their particular curl pattern is unique to them? Our hair, like our skin, is a gift from the Lord. We should embrace that fact and teach it to our kids. Angel Hair therefore, is a combination of articles that promote natural hair care, and parenting tips from a Judeo-Christian perspective.


You can find Angel Hair Mag online at, and also on facebook:


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Angel Hair Magazine

Angel Hair is a Christian based online magazine dedicated to promoting the love of natural hair in kids.  Based in Toronto, it was founded by Nicole, […]
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