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Wagner Wolf LLC, is a publishing company that brings the best stories to life!  They started with their best seller ‘So you wanna be a doctor?’ and now offer an array of books on all topics.  There are some stories that just need to be told and heard.  The story of how founder Wagner Wolf Publishing came to be is one of them.


I asked Shermian P. Daniel, M.D. to share her story with us:


“My name is Shermian Daniel and I am a Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic trained physician.  I was completing post-graduate residency training in anesthesiology when I fell ill.  After much time in
the hospital and battling different medications, I was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  The weakness and fatigue meant that I could no longer run through hospital hallways or last
through an entire surgery.  The memory loss and cognitive difficulties meant that I could no longer keep up with my academic duties as a doctor.  I was forced to resign my position as a resident.
Needless to say, my future looked very bleak.

My wonderful older brother sat me down at this point and urged me to tell my story for students who needed guidance and inspiration on the path to enter the health professions.
We worked for a year and gathered colleagues in different medical specialties to put together a book with all the information and advice a student would ever need while in school.  We self-published the incredible book ‘So You Wanna Be A Doctor?? The Untold Stories Of Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Residents’ in 2010 and traveled the world talking with students about the realities of medical school and what to expect after receiving a medical degree.

We continue to lecture future doctors across the country, but our publishing efforts have grown in recent years.  We have published 4 books in total on a variety of topics and now work closely with emerging authors who wish to bring their masterpieces to life.  If you (or someone you love) wants to know more about the world of medicine, go to If you are a fan of gripping fiction that talks about murder, battery, greed, and torture, check out our YouTube channels ‘SoYouWannaBeADoctor’ or ‘TheWagnerTV’. If erotica and fantasy are your thing, read our blog at We are in the process of publishing a book on breast cancer, so stay tuned for that.  And if you want positive hip hop music for your kids and neighbors, support our hip band,

For other aspiring entrepreneurs, there is so much advice that can be given.  Do your research. Plan ahead.  Be mindful of your finances at all times. Try new things and don’t be afraid to get into something you once thought was unattainable. Keep the needs and desires of your fans/customers in mind. Put in hard work now so you can reap the benefits later. And most importantly, support other hard working entrepreneurs around you!!!”


Thank you Dr. Daniels for continuing to inspire so many with all that you do.  Please visit to view the books and many other services they have to offer and #SupportaSista
May 7, 2014

So You Wanna Be a Doctor?

Wagner Wolf LLC, is a publishing company that brings the best stories to life!  They started with their best seller ‘So you wanna be a doctor?’ […]
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