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I love watching “empties” videos on YouTube!  It’s great to get a follow up from vloggers after they’ve been using a certain product or product line for a while.  It’s also great to see if they loved it enough to finish it.  I’ve always wanted to participate in the empties video trend on my YouTube channel except for one small problem.  I HATE having empties laying around!  I am the person who will condense two half empty bottles of product into one just to get rid of one of them!  I have an issue with clutter and having a lot of things so I can never hold on to a bottle long enough to make these types of videos.  That’s why I decided to do it here on

First up is Kinky Tresses.  If you missed my initial product review you can check it out first here:




OMG I love this shampoo!  It’s one of the few shampoos I’ve actually raved about on my YouTube channel.  It’s rich, creamy with lots of lather and left my hair feeling moisturized which is super rare in a shampoo.  My hair was left clean and soft, felt moisturized and not at all stripped and it’s full of ingredients that are great for overall hair health.  I haven’t completely finished this bottle of shampoo but I have been using it regularly and loving it.


Another great product in the line that I have completely finished and loved is the Avacado Infusion restorative conditioner.  This is a treatment/deep conditioner that is to be applied to clean hair and left for 5 minutes or covered with a plastic cap for a deep condition.  This is a super thick rich formula that coats the hair.  My favourite thing about it was the amazing slip that seemed to melt the tangles away and made my hair immediately feel….just better!


Lastly my absolute favourite was the coconut mango hair butter.  This is long gone and was the first to go!  I loved the consistency, scent and the intense moisture that it provided to my hair even when heat styled.  I wouldn’t classify this as a styler since it offers little to no hold but I love it nonetheless and would definitely re-purchase!


You can check out these and more products at



January 9, 2015

EMPTIES! – Kinky Tresses

I love watching “empties” videos on YouTube!  It’s great to get a follow up from vloggers after they’ve been using a certain product or product line […]
January 6, 2015


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