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Meet Glenna!
January 30, 2014
Happy February!
February 1, 2014

It’s so nice to find a company that cares about the products they offer.  At their mission is to provide products that are natural and non-abrasive.  Offering products for both hair and body that are free of mineral oil, petrolatum oil, sulphate, phthalates and parabens.

Are you ready to save??!

Simply click the link below to save a whopping 20% off all purchases throughout the month of February!

Be sure to take advantage of these awesome savings during the month of February and #SupportaSista!


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Toni Daley
Toni Daley
Toni Daley is a natural hair vlogger on YouTube, artist, and jewelry designer from Toronto, Canada as well as founder of

1 Comment

  1. Joy Arduin says:

    Hi iam happy I found this movement.
    Will definitely spread the word. Iam living in the Netherlands.
    In the Netherlands we still have to reprogram our minds. As a black women living in a predominantly Caucasian towns it can be quite challenging to find a store wich sell natural hair products or even so owned by Black’s. Dnt get me wrong , there are some towns who have a more wider groth of black population and then there are towns with just a handful . There is change but like I said we still as a black community have a lot of mind thinking changes to make. With very little European black roll models around. On a positive note there is a change and I as a black woman mother will definitely do my darndest to part of this evaluation.
    Thank you so much for being you. Your an inspiration!

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