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Modie Haircare – New UK Haircare Brand

Jazzamond’s Place
February 17, 2016
February 26, 2016


Moisturising Hair Créme launch January 1st 2016

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Modiê Haircare a premium brand for women of colour was founded by Janette Nzekwe.  A member of the British Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Nzekwe, who is of Nigerian/Botswana descent has a Biochemistry BSc (hons) degree from Royal Holloway, University of London.  After working for large pharmaceutical companies for more than a decade,the 37 year old created Modie Haircare upon returning to London from Los Angeles where she lived for 4 years.  

“I went natural 4 years ago whilst living in LA and when I returned to the UK I immediately noticed a lack of premium quality products for women in the UK, which was very frustrating” says Nzekwe who created Modiê Haircare exclusively for women of colour with natural hair. “My hair is really really dry and always desperate for moisture, so I created Modiê Haircare for the woman that wants to pamper her hair without compromising on quality.”

Modiê Haircare is a brand by black women for black women; a brand that believes that beauty is black. And afro hair is beauty. The release of the afro, or the opportunity to wear your hair in it’s natural state is to be free. Freedom from conformity.  To be free from the glass ceiling. To be free from feeling that you are not enough.  Freedom from hiding, from containing yourself.  It is also an exploration. An awakening.  We believe all women should have access to premium hair products designed and made especially for them.

We exist to engage with other black women and be part of an international discourse that challenges the definition of beauty. Black women with afros whether they have TWA’s or big afro’s is also beauty and we want to do our bit to challenge the status quo.

We wish to create a safe space for black women to express themselves, just as they are.  With or without their afros. Without judgement.
Toni Daley
Toni Daley
Toni Daley is a natural hair vlogger on YouTube, artist, and jewelry designer from Toronto, Canada as well as founder of


  1. I’m looking forward to purchasing! Hope the company ships quickly to the States. It will be an exclusive item that I’ll wait to share with friends!

  2. to the cause says:

    I just watched you “read” video. Well done my sister well done. I love watching the toni and the boy videos. You both make me laugh. Wish I was there.
    Alll the best to supportasista.

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