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John Burris Law

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March 9, 2014
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March 12, 2014

John Burris Law

John Burris is a renowned and accomplished civil rights lawyer who has prevailed in some of the most notorious cases of police misconduct and civil rights violations in recent history. He has also won landmark verdicts in racial discrimination and sex discrimination in the workplace.

In a career spanning 35 years, attorney John Burris has represented high-profile officials, entertainers and athletes, as well as ordinary people who faced illegal obstacles in employment or abuse at the hands of police. He served as co-counsel in the Rodney King civil trial and lead counsel in the infamous Oakland Police Department “Riders” class action. Those cases are just the tip of the iceberg of notable results and social reforms the Law Offices of John L. Burris has accomplished.

You can contact the law office of John Burris at 510-379-7215. Their Oakland law firm serves the entire Bay Area and Northern California.


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