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Educated Queens

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March 7, 2014
Celebrity Style Wigs
March 9, 2014

Meet Janee Boyd, founder of  Janee has been in business for 3 months and founded the line after becoming tired of hearing women refer to themselves as “bad bitches” when she knew in fact we should be referring to ourselves as Queens.

Janee always had a passion for people, but for fashion as well. Educated Queens reminds women around the world that they are royal. She thought one day, what better way to spread this positive message than through clothing?  Educated Queens is not just about having some formal degree,but it’s about knowing your worth as a woman and being proud of it!

Growing up with a mother who was also a model, Janee used to travel with her and always loved being around the clothes and fashion! She started designing at a young age and later in life I went to college where she obtained her degree in fashion merchandising.

When I asked her if she had any words of wisdom to share with aspiring entrepreneurs, she answered “Do it from the heart, always stay true to your word and you can do anything you put your mind to!”

You can find Janee’s work at


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Toni Daley
Toni Daley
Toni Daley is a natural hair vlogger on YouTube, artist, and jewelry designer from Toronto, Canada as well as founder of


  1. Debra D Benn says:

    Stay focus black women

  2. Deirdre says:

    We are truly Educated African Queens. Thanks for keeping it positive and meaningful

  3. Kamry says:

    I dig the hustle, but this sister is not courteous. I ordered a few items and never received them. When I reached out to her, she was very rude and had the nerve to tell me “keep it positive.” Whenever I post a correspondence on her Instagram page she deletes it because she doesn’t want people to see how she truly does business. Everyone be careful.

  4. Landon says:

    Hello, in regarding to Kamry’s comment, she is absolutely right about how Janee Boyd. I also admire her hustle and her fashion talent, but her attitude is rude and unprofessional. Ms. Boyd need to keep in mind that her customers are helping her build her ” QUEENDOM” She needs to get rid of the negative attitude.

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