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Jelly Belly Babies
January 17, 2018
February 7, 2018
My name is Carriece Jefferson and I’m owner of Crafty Hands Club. Crafty Hands Club help others learn how to make jewelry using various techniques and methods. We sell ready-to-use DIY Jewelry Kits, teaches classes and provide onsite parties for occasions including weddings, birthdays, showers, ladies night out, fundraisers, reunions and workplace settings. All skill levels and ages are welcome.
I’ve been crafting since a child, when I was a Girl Scout. In the world of Girl Scouts, in order to obtain most of the badges, some sort of diy project completion was a requirement. My love for it grew because doing crafts was the one place where I could be myself and not be judged. My mind was free to create. Before Crafty Hands Club, I was making and selling Chainmaille Jewelry. Anyone who makes Chainmaille jewelry know that it’s time-consuming. There was plenty of demand but since it was only me, I had to turn down orders. All the time, I would get customers saying, “if only I knew how to make jewelry” and I would say there’s classes. Well one day I decided to try a class at a neighborhood shop and even though the class was free, the materials were almost $100. To make matters worst, only five of us left with a finished product because it was only one instructor to 30+ students. When I left with my finished piece, that is when the subscription box teaching jewelry making started to make sense. More of the backstory can be found here:
I enjoy putting together the subscription kits but I love the live events because I can interact face-to-face with attendees and get the actual feedback right then and there. I’ve worked with seniors, children and adults and each time, I left an event or teaching a class, I was always reminded of why Crafty Hands Club got started. On the subscription end, I enjoy the boxes because I am sharing my creativity with others and I am introducing different mediums each month. Plus subscribers aren’t limited to only a certain article of jewelry. Last year, subscribers made 31 pieces of jewelry in total.
Word of Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Don’t be bought into the whole “make six digits in 3 months” marketing attempts because running a business is tough. Business is simple but it isn’t easy. There’s going to be times where you make mistakes, don’t have the answers, be ready to cry, scream and quit but if you understand your why and what you are delivering to your customers or clients, you will be able to move forward. Be willing to seek ways to constantly improve and do the work. Business is a lot of work and if you aren’t doing what’s needed, it will reveal itself in some form. Know your value and take care of your customers and not all the time do you need to be hard selling.
Crafty Hands Club is on social media platforms including: Facebook (CHCSubscriptionBox), Twitter (@craftyhandsclub), IG (craftyhandsclub, and Youtube under Crafty Hands Club. Also, visit our website:
SAS18 – Receive 10% off any subscription box type.
Toni Daley
Toni Daley
Toni Daley is a natural hair vlogger on YouTube, artist, and jewelry designer from Toronto, Canada as well as founder of

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