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My name is Charal Taylor I am 27 years old and I am a co-founder of BM-Naturals. My parents are originally from Liberia, West Africa but I was born in Burkina Faso. According to my mother she had no intention of relaxing my hair; however, someone else made the mistake of doing it when I was about 4 years old. My hair was never the same since.

Growing up I attended private schools for most of my life and had one of my worst experiences when one of my classmates asked me why my hair would not grow or had not grown since I had entered year 7 and I was now in sixth form (which is equivalent to year 12-13). I was so embarrassed and could only answer her by saying that I just liked it at that length and so I was constantly cutting it.

When I was relaxed my go to protective styles were braids when I wanted to be casual and weaves when I wanted to be formal. I have always been bothered about the misinformation surrounding hair and maintenance especially in the black community and diaspora which has led to many hair and scalp issues which in my opinion existed less in other racial demographics. With this in mind I decided to offer women just like myself an alternative in protective style option and this foundation led to the conception of BM- Naturals.


Although I have a background in business and management and media and communication, my passion has always been in art and fashion. After becoming natural and constantly complaining when I had braids in or twists and not being able to touch my hair my fiancée got me interested in the hair industry by suggesting I think of a creative way to solve this problem.

Essentially, through the encouragement of my business partner and fiancée Lawrence Barchue Jr who inspired me to stop relaxing my hair and my little sister then pushed me one step further into going natural with her natural hair journey that I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I started to really think deeply about why women of colour could (allegedly) not grow their hair or had so many hair concerns. Growing up I had always thought about the topic but just avoided it in my mind as a natural phenomenon. Therefore, the interest in the hair care industry was to address a need that I did not see being address around me. I would say that this was the beginning of my dream of helping women just like myself with their natural hair and having a clear hope of having it be realised.



What sets our company apart from others is that it is developed from a personal journey to finding out what it means to embrace your natural beauty and also encourage other women to do the same. Our company is passionate about the preservation of natural hair without the need of laborious blending as our natural is custom made in accordance to customer specifications. The ease of our protective styles in the form of 100% Virgin human hair clip ins, wigs, weaves allow for minimal to no tension with optimal protection of the hair strands and ends.

Before allowing our product to go on the market there were stringent measures to control for quality and for 2 years through rigorous experimentation with our products (heat stying, neglect of hair, extreme cold on the hair etc.), the textures that we have created in these wigs had never before been requested from suppliers and I personally aided in the design of the textures based on examples and (personal hair strands) to gain the most accurate representation of natural hair of all textures.

We are a small company so we are adamant about the interaction between the customers and us. You can ask us anything before purchasing any of our products and we will be in touch with you immediately. On our website we post information about hair techniques and basic information about porosity and natural hair upkeep.

I have a lifelong goal to encourage women of colour all over the world to start to embrace their natural texture. My ideal world would be one where women of colour had healthy hair of all lengths, were able to wear extensions that matched their textures whether they were relaxed or natural and could protective style with extensions which showed off those textures. We aim to cater to natural women of all demographics and In the future we will also be coming out with natural hair and skin products.


My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to always start a business in something that you are passionate about. Be your own customer, love what you are trying to promote. Don’t focus on the money too much because if you know that what you are promoting is high quality and most importantly purposive, customers will realise and trust in the brand and product.

I encourage all inspiring entrepreneurs to be very clear about how tough it is to promote your brand and to never give up or lose face and constantly continue to gain feedback on how you can improve.


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My name is Charal Taylor I am 27 years old and I am a co-founder of BM-Naturals. My parents are originally from Liberia, West Africa but […]
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