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Hello, My name is Nadia Laniyan I am from Baltimore, Maryland and I recently graduated from the University of College Park in May of 2016.  During the fall semester of my senior year of college I took a Social Entrepreneurship class and during the class my professor gave me an activity where I had to write something that I was passionate about and how I could incorporate social entrepreneurship with it. My major during undergrad and one of my passion was  Public Health Equity, a major I created in our Individual studies program to focus on health disparities and improving health care for marginalized communities. After stumbling upon the statistic that African American women die at a 40% higher mortality rate due to breast cancer than any other racial or ethnic group, I was interested in finding out why there was such a big disparity in the mortality rate. After doing my own research I found that late detection is a huge factor that impacts the mortality rate of breast cancer for African American women. So I wanted to pair something that is prevalent to women like Hair care and breast health information and prevention tips to create a non conventional avenue of exposure for this information for African American women. From their I partnered with a friend of mine, self taught hair stylist and avid hair enthusiast Alexis Carson to bring Cocoa Queens to become a reality.

Alexis and I are both natural, however we like to use many different forms of protective styles and weaves and wigs are  our favorites. We used to be consumers of the 100% Virgin and raw hair industry so it made sense to become more involved in the industry and actually own our own hair company.
Ask for help and look for mentors, we wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have mentors helping and guiding us.
ENJOY FREE SHIPPING WITH CODE:  SISTA9507  (exp Nov 30th 2016)
Instagram & Twitter: cocoa_queens
Our website:
September 20, 2016


Hello, My name is Nadia Laniyan I am from Baltimore, Maryland and I recently graduated from the University of College Park in May of 2016.  During […]
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