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MISSION: To provide women and men of all shapes and sizes with a product that enables them to feel and look their best without breaking the bank. Offering 12 different hair textures specifically geared towards boosting the confidence of my fellow African American Sisters all while providing superior customer service.
Business Website:
Business Instagram: @hairbyradio
Business Promo Code: Use promo code tonidaley10 to receive 10% off AND a free pair of lashes of your choice (add a lash name in the “add a note” section of the checkout page to ensure you receive your free lashes)

Question: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself/background/ how you got started with your business?
Answer: Well, first off, I was born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia where I have built a life for myself from scratch with just a hope and a dream. By trade, I have two Information Technology Degrees but I always wanted to be my own boss while helping people feel their best. I have always admired the artistry of hairstylists and makeup artists and artists in general. Being able to use their creative ability to transform the look and feel of someone is amazing. I said to myself that I wanted to create a business that would enable me to fit into that equation. I wanted to be involved in the feeling of satisfaction and joy that someone feels when they hold the mirror and view themselves in delight. Then birthed my company, Radioaktiv Hair and Cosmetics.
Question: What led you to get into this industry?
Answer: One day, after a haircut, my barber handed me the mirror and let me view the finished cut and I absolutely loved it. The instant boost of confidence was so exhilarating. Then the thought came to me that I wanted to create a business that provides a product that captures the exact same feeling I felt that day. So, I decided to jump right into the beauty industry. I want women and men who wear hair and makeup to buy and use my products to create the best version of themselves that they can be. I want every customer to feel the way I felt that day when I saw myself after that haircut. However, I wanted to provide a product that was not only premium and high quality but affordable to the masses so that everyone can be able to feel amazing after using my products. I think I’ve achieved that with my business.
Question: What is your favorite item on my website?
Answer: My favorite item would have to be the wig named “Christina”. I came up with that name because at the time of me trying to figure out a name for the wig I automatically thought of my late grandmother who passed away from breast cancer. That’s when I decided that 10% of all my proceeds would go to BCRF which is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Question: Do you have any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Answer: Stop being complacent and stop dreaming and start doing. You have to make that jump and jump off the cliff. On your way down, that’s when you build the wings for you to be able to fly and soar high. Of course, you might hit some jagged rocks at the edge of the cliff that will hurt you but success comes from being resilient. Being able to get back up and try again revising your mistakes and turning them into triumphs.
Question: Where can people find you?
Answer: You can find me on my personal page on Instagram (which I barely post on) lol which is @dionysuz. As far as my business page you can find that @hairbyradio and my website is
November 29, 2019


MISSION: To provide women and men of all shapes and sizes with a product that enables them to feel and look their best without breaking the […]
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