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Beauty Products

Chocolatey Shea Parfait with Hazelnut….how good does that sound??!  When I came across this product on I couldn’t help but reach out to owners Metra and Ashley to find out more about their delicious sounding line of products!

Q – What led you to get into the natural hair and body products?

A – Our interest in the all-natural hair and skin care sector, stemmed from my daughter and business partner’s rapid hair loss caused by a severe lupus (SLE) flare in 2008. It was then that I realized we must take more precaution in what we place in and on our body. After doing much research on the benefits that different plants and herbs had on our overall health, I began formulating butters and oils. I chose each ingredient for its specific properties with other formulation ingredients to provide the maximum benefit for our skin and hair care needs.  Following my daughter’s graduating from college with a degree in Economics and International Business, she began to aid me in the finance aspect of starting a business. Since then Ollies Butta Blends has become a provider of beauty products for the skin and hair that are hand-crafted in small batches from 100% all-natural ingredients.

Q – What product would you recommend to a first time customer?

A – Our product line now includes but is not limited to: butters, oils, chap sticks and lip glosses. Ollie’s Butta Blends butters and oils can can be used both on the skin and in natural and chemically processed hair.  A product that we find to be very popular is our Chocolatey Shea Parfait with Hazelnut and Emu Oil. It is great for all skin and hair types and has a rich creamy texture, which melts when put onto your skin and has an amazing all-natural chocolate aroma! It contains the highly beneficial Emu Oil, which is great for stretch marks, dryness, and stimulating growth. Almond Oil is also added to the butta and is deeply nourishing and restorative to the hair and skin. It is also a nutritive to the brain and nervous system. The butta is infused with Mango Butter, a drop of Vitamin E, and a distinctive blend of absolutely all-natural butters and oils suited for all skin and hair types.

Q- Where can people find your products?

A – Consumers can expect to see Ollies Butta Blends carried on other E-Commerce sites i.e. Amazon, within the next month. We are also working on partnering with beauty and barber shops and salons in the Virginia area to have our products carried on their shelves by mid-year.

Q – What’s  next for Ollie’s Butta Blends?

A – Ollies Butta Blends is currently working on a conditioning spray blended with Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil, Powdered Sea Kelp and a mix of other all-natural ingredients. Our target launch period for this product is two months.

You can follow Ollie’s Butta blends on line:
Facebook and Google+ : Ollies Butta Blends
Twitter: @OlliesButta
Instagram: OlliesButtaBlends

Visit to browse their selection and don’t forget to use the coupon code ‘SISTA10’ for 10% off exclusively for SupportaSista followers!

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April 11, 2014


Chocolatey Shea Parfait with Hazelnut….how good does that sound??!  When I came across this product on I couldn’t help but reach out to owners Metra […]
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