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I’ve been hearing quite a lot of buzz about Bath Tones by Karl floating around the YouTube hemisphere.  In a very feminine product market, the name alone peaked my interest .   After doing a bit more research I found out that founder Karl Hilliard is a very unique 18 year old black male student and entrepreneur…well I just had to find out more. offers a luxury line of high quality bath and body products specializing in natural and organic products.  Ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and therapeutic essential oils are used in their handcrafted products that are specially formulated for individuals with coloured skin.



I got the chance to catch up with this young CEO and ask him a few questions:


Toni:  I understand your passion for entrepreneurship and self sufficiency led you to create your business but why bath and body products?

Karl: When I was about 11, my parents kept my brother and I at home and schooled us from our kitchen table. Every week or so, my mother would have an activity planned for us, so that we could get out of the house and have  some fun; a needed rest from the boring life of homeschooling. One of these activities was an art’s & crafts activity with a friend of ours, who just so happened to make soaps and lotions as a hobby. I had one lesson with her, where she taught me how to make a simple melt & pour bar of soap, and after that, I became a bit obsessed with making products, which eventually led to me doing a ton of research, and creating new formulas, which led to be seeing a business opportunity in my hobby.


Toni: Do you find it hard being in such a female dominated business?

Karl: It’s definitely difficult being in such a niche market, because those who shop in this market generally gravitate their purchases towards their fellow women. I had to start very slowly, gaining trust with customers, and really pushing my brand as a leader in the ethnic beauty niche, one customer at a time.


You can follow Karl on his social media networks in order to get in on new product releases’, great deals, and new info:


In honour of #SupportaSista day Karl will be running a very generous 25% off promotion using coupon code ‘supportasista25’

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I’ve been hearing quite a lot of buzz about Bath Tones by Karl floating around the YouTube hemisphere.  In a very feminine product market, the name […]
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