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If you are like me then your heart probably melts every time you see a cute father-daughter post on social media. She’s so delicate and sassy, and he’s so large and playful. You just know by watching their interaction that the she is his world. One of the most notable images on social media lately has been black fathers taking the time to assist with prepping their young daughters for the day. This is an activity that most moms take on. However, there are many dads who have stepped up to the plate to attempt (and not always successfully) to style their daughters hair. The simple fact that these black men are without hesitation showing that they are willing to take on the task, which at times let’s be honest can be overwhelming, is enough to make your heart smile.

A young writer and filmmaker named Matthew Cherry is using those images and many other beautiful examples of black fathers interacting with their children as inspiration for his animated short film, Hair Love. Hair Love is a story about a father, named Steven, who is attempting to style his 5-year old daughter Zuri’s hair for a special event. Due to his lack of experience, Steven turns to watching videos online (YouTube) made by a beauty vlogger named Angela to guide him through the task.

In a Skype interview with TV One | News One, Matthew Cherry explained that he wants to use this platform to normalize images of black fathers with their children and to show the humanity of black

people. He goes on to say that he hopes that people can walk away feeling confident about their natural hair.

Matthew Cherry plans for the animated project to be a short 5-minute film, similar to the ones placed at the beginning of the Pixar animated movies. There is a Kickstarter to help raise money for the film with a goal of $200k. He has a team of outstanding professionals who are skilled and experienced in their areas of expertise to help him bring his dream to light, including Character Designer Vashti Harrison, and Executive Producer Frank Abney. Just to name a few.

Take the time to consider the work of Matthew Cherry and his Kickstarter for this project. I believe that this is an awesome idea for a film. Showcasing black fathers with their children and showcasing black men in a positive light in general is so important in our society today.

The Kickstarter can be found at


Keshia Pavey


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If you are like me then your heart probably melts every time you see a cute father-daughter post on social media. She’s so delicate and sassy, […]
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