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I receive many messages about the SupportaSista campaign.  The vast majority of people recognize the need and also share my vision but there are a few who are concerned that I may be taking this “too far”.


I’ve actually been told that what I am proposing is in fact reverse racism.  (Let’s ignore the fact that the term itself is an oxymoron since I understand what the writer was getting at) I know that not everyone will always agree or be on the same page but what surprised me is that there are still some of us that are so wrapped up in the slave mentality that we are still in fear of “massa”.  Some of us still believe that being divided is actually for our own good and that we’re better off apart because by no means would we want to make other races uncomfortable (i.e. upset massa)  To me, it sounds painfully familiar… what are we still afraid of?


The reason why SupportaSista is not racist is that the goal is not to defeat or diminish or put down any other race.  The goal is simply to elevate ourselves.  What if all of a sudden we started genuinely caring about each other’s well being both physically and financially?  What harm might come to us if we actually unite?


I like to use an example that we can all relate to which is Chinatown.  The reason I like to use Chinatown as an example is because I’m familiar with it up here in Canada in the same way you are familiar with it in the US or in the UK.  Regardless of the city, state or even country you live in, everyone is familiar with Chinatown.  A bustling, thriving community of businesses and housing that flourishes and exists regardless of economic certainty or recession in EVERY country.  We’ve all paid a visit on a weekend to do a bit of shopping for spices, teas or maybe for lunch with the girls…never once considering that a community of one people is racist.  Chinatown, Little India, Greek town, whatever the community is….why is it ok for another but not ok for us?  Why is it seen as a positive for everyone else but a negative for us.  Are we not worth it?


Food for thought….


“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley


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I receive many messages about the SupportaSista campaign.  The vast majority of people recognize the need and also share my vision but there are a few […]
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