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If you are struggling with coming up with an idea on what to do for your child’s next birthday,celebration or some bonding time,  you have got to check out this adorable and unique busineses that your girls will enjoy while you get a much needed break!


Dulcibella Girlz was founded on September 22, 2012 by Dhara McIntosh and Monique Johnson in Markham, Ontario, providing a place where parents can feel comfortable leaving their children, and not have to lift a finger (only taking pictures) while their “girlz” just have fun!


 Monique shared with me a bit about their business and what they hope to instill young girls with:


“We knew that Dulcibella Girlz (DBG) had to represent the diversity of the beautiful faces around us, so we paid respect to all the different cultures.  We wanted to educate little girls that beauty comes in all forms and they had someone to identify with at Dulcibella Girlz.   Buttercup is our little  Entrepreneur who is always coming up with new ideas for Dulcibella Girlz and she also features our most popular package:  Dulce de leche (Ages 6 – 16) which is our manicure and pedicure adventure.   Mocha is the Super Model always walking the catwalk.  Mocha features a package:  Strike a Pose (Ages 6-16) which is modelling session lead by an experienced photographer and model.  Butterscotch is the Jeweller who brings the “bling” to life.  Butterscotch features a package call:  Haute Couture  (Ages 6 – 16) each child learns the different techniques in making jewellery and gets to take home a pair of earring and a necklace.  Razzle Dazzle is the Beautician of the group, who is always about healthy living.  Razzle Dazzle allows each guest to explore the world of makeup with her package:  Powder Puff  (Ages 12 – 16) this package helps to achieve and maintain healthy skin.   Cinnamon is the Creative Director, who is always ready with her camera to give you her package:  Lights, Camera, Action! (Ages 6 – 16).  Cinnamon’s package allows you to be the star of your very own  4 minute music video.  Each of these packages are 2 1/2 hours long and includes: Party Invitations, Snacks, Pizza, Beverages, Cupcakes, and DBG loot bag.



We don’t only offer birthday party packages at Dulcibella Girlz.  We believe in quality time with that special someone, so we offer a BFF package called Honey Bee and a Mommy and Me package called Blossom.  These two packages allow you to sit back and relax privately.  We also offer Yo-Ba on Wednesday nights and a 2014 Summer Camp with a TGIF Spa Day included.  There is so much to do at Dulcibella Girlz.



Once our guests enter Dulcibella Grilz, it’s hard to get them to leave.  We have guests who come back again and again and also refer others to our tween spa.  While waiting to have their services done our “girlz” have the opportunity to play Wii Dance Party or Karaoke which is a big hit.  You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We are located at 6070 Highway 7 East Markham, ON and you can contact us at 905-472-0123 or



Come to Dulcibella Girlz where you choose your own adventure!”




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If you are struggling with coming up with an idea on what to do for your child’s next birthday,celebration or some bonding time,  you have got […]
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