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“Just Because” captures a day in the life of a close-knit family that looks for any reason to get together. Graduations, births, special occasions, but always “Just Because.”  I got a chance to catch up with Chiquita Camille to learn more about her and her book.
Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to write your first children’s book?

A: I am a single mom, from Chicago that came to New York to pursue my acting and dancing career.  I used to write poetry and wrote a poem about my family…fast forward to birth of my bundle of energy,  I read to him every night (and still do but now he is reading to me), when he was 8 months, I took a picture of him holding a book upside down reading and I thought, that is what I can do for him, write a book – and in trying to decide what to write, it didn’t take long to choose to write about family and use that poem as it’s base.

Q: What message are you trying to get across to children through your book?

A: Appreciation of family and family traditions, and passing it on to the next generation so it continues.  We don’t have to wait for a family reunion or a funeral to get together, we can come together to hang out, help out –  family is a connection that is always there, good times bad times…JUST BECAUSE, which is the title of the book.   But this is also for adults, to reminisce on how it was and be proud if they are keeping the traditions going and if not, a fun encouragement to bring it back.

Q: What book are you currently reading?

A: I read O (Oprah’s) magazines, and I just started reading 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

Q: Can you offer any words of wisdom for other aspiring writers out there?

A: Don’t ever belittle your thoughts, if they are important to you, they will be important to others.  Also to write, write, write!  You can always edit, rewrite or come up with a completely new idea, but put your thoughts on paper or tablet or whatever mechanic you use.

Q: Do you have other works that we can check out?

A: I am going to do more children books, but this is still new, receiving my first order of books on December 30, 2013, just in time for 2014.  And the book is blossoming so well, I want to keep focusing on this right now.  In the meantime, you may catch me in a film, TV show or on stage doing a live theater performance.  You can go to my Facebook page, Chiquita Camille or website, to stay updated.


You can get a copy of my book, JUST BECAUSE, on!



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