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I am a Blessed Child of God, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Black hair care Business Owner and Retired Police Officer of 28 years of service.  I reside in Southern California. What inspired me to start my Hair Care Business called Cbabes’ Chebe, was depression because I couldn’t stop my hair breakage . I like most, tried everything I became a product junkie and had half of the beauty supply store underneath my sinks and in closets.  None of them helped for any period of time.  It was a band-aid over a gunshot wound so to speak.

One day while watching a plethora of YouTube videos when out of nowhere on my feed a video by Miss Sahel featuring Beautiful Black African Sisters in a City called Chad with thigh length hair and longer being featured applying this powder that they harvested, roasted, ground up by hand and made from a bush called Chebe.  The Chadian Ladies swear that their long hair is NOT due to genetics and proves it because its their custom that they do not ever put the Chebe Powder on their edges and their edges are very short.  They attributed  this amazing Chebe Powder solely as the reason their hair is so long and strong. Most women that I saw on YouTube like me suffered from dry brittle hair and wanted answers.   I knew at that moment it was my destiny and I had to share it with the world so that we all can grow together.   I couldn’t find anyone reputable in the United States that i could purchase this pure all natural chebe powder from . I searched high and low and there was no one that I could find in the United States or on YouTube who was using it.  Soooo…. I contacted Miss Sahel personally and started exporting this Chebe powder straight from Africa to the United States.


I am the very first in the world to introduce document and demonstrate Chebe Powder on my own hair on YouTube.   The results were great. My YouTube Channel is C Babe if you care to check it out.   My hair changed instantly.  It became healthier, stronger right before our eyes  and Ive experienced hair growth/retention quickly. From there, word started spreading and people started seeking me out for information and purchase.  From this experience, I committed my life developing new all natural healthy hair products which was birthed from a prayer . Now we can chose to stop putting chemicals in our hair from the beauty supply store and realize that there is an All Natural Alternative straight from Mother Earth harvested  by those beautiful African Women.

My favorite item on my website is the Chebe Powder as it has helped women from all around the world to rid themselves of dry breaking hair and embrace their natural beautiful tresses that they were born with.


My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs especially in the face of adversity is to believe in yourself and NEVER EVER let your dream die. When one door closes, knock on another one.  What is meant for you already has your name on it.  Inspire others even when you dont at times feel so inspired.   Be your biggest fan and with dedication, prayer and hard work, you SHALL succeed.


You can find me anytime on YouTube C Babe and at You can reach me by email at; You can call me directly at 909-492-0812 for any questions you may have.

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Love You Sistas and May God Bless You and Yours!!!

July 8, 2018

Cbabes’ Chebe

I am a Blessed Child of God, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Black hair care Business Owner and Retired Police Officer of 28 years of service.  I reside […]
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