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After being natural for many years I was tired of the same old same old. With high puffs and twists outs not unraveling to my likely I was getting annoyed. I started re-searching some natural hair looking wigs only to find that the ones I wanted would cost me at least $300 and more. Being that I am a college student, I just don’t have $300 lying on my dresser. I started looking online for synthetic natural looking wigs and also wigs at my local beauty supply store and luckily found some contenders. However, those wigs didn’t last long. To itchy lace fronts, and matted curls I had, had enough. I started to think about my grandma’s saying, “cheap isn’t always good”. I then went on aliexpress and looked up some more wigs that I felt would be good… however, while searching I thought, “Why would I want to buy a wig that’s going to take at least at minimum a month to be delivered and I’m not even sure if what I’m getting is going to be legit.” Then came the idea of me making a wig. I youtubed and researched and youtubed and researched, until I felt satisfied. I wanted a wig that was going to be low maintenance, effortless and most importantly look natural. I am a junior in college and have class early in the morning and I just don’t have the time to play with a wig to get it to my liking or to have my wig be the same maintenance of my hair. So after much research I had everything I needed and started to construct.




What led me to the hair industry was my own natural hair journey. After making my wig and getting so many compliments and people actually thinking that it was my own hair I figured, why not share my talents with the world. Why not offer a great and cheaper alternative natural hair looking wig that has low maintenance and low cost. Also, many wig companies just think about the money and not really about the product they supply. They don’t think about the hair (how long it is going to last) cap (itchy,breathable or not) , and packaging.  I mean where are fellow wiggers suppose to place the wigs that they spent a lot of money on. My company has thought about all of that.



I believe in creating something that will last. Before I sell any of my wigs I research the products and construct the wig for myself first  to test out the unit. This is because, if I don’t feel conformable with the way the unit fits or how it was constructed, I know that my costumers will also be feeling the same exact way.  I’m a strong believer in the Biblical phrase , “do unto others what you would want done unto yourself”.  Therefore, since I want the very best, I will give my costumers the very best.  As my brand grows I always want to be able to maintain a handmade quality which is why I prefer to start off with a few selections and provide hair that will work for an everyday woman’s schedule.
Believe in your talents and go for it. You sell yourself short when you start limiting yourself so be limitless and although this may be corny but reach for the starts.


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After being natural for many years I was tired of the same old same old. With high puffs and twists outs not unraveling to my likely […]
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