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You may or may not have heard of Kariliss before but if you keep up with my videos you would have seen me use some of their products in the past.  Kariliss is a black owned Canadian based company that creates quality natural hair products using active ingredients sourced from Africa.  I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a few of them and wanted to share my thoughts with you.





Firstly they are reasonably priced so you have to get them both because they work great together!  What I absolutely love about these products is the packaging.  They are not round squeeze bottles that become slippery projectile objects when your in the shower.  The bottles are curved to fit in your hand and have a flip up top.  The shampoo is my favourite of the two.  It left me with clean hair that was also moisturized which is what every natural wants in a shampoo.  The conditioner is also very rich and creamy and was easy distributed to coat each of my strands.

Masque-capillaire-e1410562142810-450x450FORTIFYING HAIR MASK

The hair mask is a intensive repair treatment designed to combat the stress we inflict on our hair.  It’s a very thick buttery rich consistency with an obvious shea butter base.  If you don’t like shea butter, you likely won’t like this product.  It doesn’t have the most slip so it takes some time to work it through your strands.  It’s a very heavy product that weighs your hair down while in but rinses clean and leaves your hair soft and fluffy.

revitalisant-sans-rincage-450x450LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER

Another reasonably priced product is the leave-in conditioner.  It’s designed for use on all hairtypes and has the same easy to hold/easy to dispense bottle.  The best thing about this product is that it’s light enough to use on a daily basis without leading to a greasy build up and can be used on either damp or dry hair.

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You may or may not have heard of Kariliss before but if you keep up with my videos you would have seen me use some of […]
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