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Toni Daley



Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself/background/how you got started with your business?

A: Based in Toronto, Ontario TRACEY NICOLE is a contemporary brand that focuses on bringing back exclusivity and limited edition. We believe if everyone’s got it, we don’t want it! Inspired by a love of combining the conventional with the unconventional, we are here for the women who aren’t afraid to mix their metals, wear heels with sweat pants or leather jackets in the summer.

Everything in our collection is either handmade by us or designed by us and produced in limited quantities. We don’t follow the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter release guide. We bring you fashion on no particular schedule except for when we are inspired to create. If we feel like releasing a winter jacket in July or a swimsuit in February…we will do just that.

We do fashion without limits…All we ask is trust.

Q:  What led you to get into this industry?

I was always that girl looking for something that not everyone else had and you just can’t find that kind of deal in a mall or large retail store. So I’ve typically always made my own accessories. Handbags, jewelry, jackets even embellished shoes. I figured I couldn’t be the only girl out there looking for truly unique pieces. So I started TRACEY NICOLE which is dedicated to the women who don’t want what everyone else has.

Q: What is your favourite item available on your website?

Hands down our Marley (Mini) clutch. Every time I go out with it people comment and ask where I got it and what it’s made of and how it was made. It is such a cute statement piece for any outfit, formal or casual.


Q:  Do you have any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t give up. It is not an easy road and there are so many moving parts that you will only discover once you launch your business. Appreciate every step in YOUR journey and don’t get discouraged when things get tough…because they will. In the end it will all be worth it.



Instagram: @traceynicoleofficial


September 18, 2016


  Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself/background/how you got started with your business? A: Based in Toronto, Ontario TRACEY NICOLE is a […]
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