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Toni Daley

I wanted to share with you some insight that I received from one of my readers who has 42 years experience inside the 15 billion dollar hair industry.

Shazz from writes:

“I am an Eco-Organic Hair Product manufacturer and developer for NATRA~LAXA on a global mission to Turn Glam Green and Take the Pain Out of Beauty One Strand at a Time… NATRA~LAXAkHem pHree was created to organically adjusts the texture of the hair without altering the chemical structure. It is designed to adjust the pH level of the hair allowing it to become more bendable and flexible and turning heat into an ally. The wearer has versatile styling options to wear their hair curly or straight while blocking the humidity, and fighting frizz. However, when the hair is shampooed, the natural texture is apparent, but the hair feels much softer and the curl pattern may be slightly elongated. You may see how it works here:

I must admit that the title of your video is what caught my attention. I agree with you about the fact that black women have been subjecting themselves to the insults, disrespect, disregard and ridicule by the Asians who own 90% of this $15B Commercial Hair industry, yet 89% of the economy is fueled by the Black Consumers. Go figure… I am with a company called Micore International, – – whose mantra is – WHY BUY HAIR WHEN YOU CAN BUY A HAIR BUSINESS? – Women are encouraged to have their own online hair store where they can GET PAID TO WEAR HAIR and paid when others purchase hair from them… It is the 1st MLM for hair and they have the best hair on the planet (in my opinion) and It is an American company with a factory in India where Righteous Hair is manufactured. We know what we are selling. 100% Organic Virgin Indian Remy Hair… Most other companies, use formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid or chlorine bleach to decuticlelize the hair, then they coat it with a silcon product so that it looks nice and shiny and acts right until it is shampooed. They also use toxic adhesives to reinforce the weft stitching and this is what causes the women to be patting their heads all in public – when the body heat breaks down the adhesive and it gets unto the scalp. – Not only does it get on the scalp, but it gets into the blood stream and is the cause of major health issues in women of color. Their families and loved ones are also impacted by the toxins in the hair form inhaling it. Let’s face it many of them fail to shampoo the hair before installations and then they are scared to shampoo while wearing for fear of it matting and shedding. So all the chemicals are on the hair, and they don’t understand why their face and back is breaking out, and why their man and babies are sick? Micore hair even comes with a 12 month warranty against matting or shedding. (and no other company does this).

The other issue we face is that the FDA has a very lax regulation on what is considered to be human hair. All that is required is 3% Human hair in any bundle or pack to be labeled as 100% Human Hair. The Chines have become very skillful since the increase in raw materials after the Indonesian Tsunami, so they add synthetic and or animal fibers to the bundles… So, when you hear people saying that the hair smelled like a wet dog, it very well could be.

I’m not sharing this to impress you, but to impress upon you, how important it is for us to be educated… I’ve been in the industry for 42 years and have worked with major manufactures of human hair, as their consultant, educator, spokesperson, hype person, front person, behind the scenes person, make-it-look-like-she-owns-the-business-person, and I’ve seen their games… Did you know that they collect a census every year to see how many black female are born in the U.S every year and they project their income 14 years out to see how much money they are going to make off of hair weaves, wigs and lace-fronts, as they know that little girl is going to lose 4 head-fulls of hair by the time she reaches 14, because her mama is going to start using Kiddie Kit on her hair by the time she i s3 or 5 years old… It’s a vicious cycle.

I can go on and on about this topic, but the bottom line is we never owned the hair industry… We are restricted form opening hair stores in any areas where there are Korean Stores. We can never ever get lower prices to be more competitive with them, no matter how much business we do with them as that is their rule of thumb… Even for the consumers who shop online and request or purchase samples that they are satisfied with, often wind up being duped. WHen they place their big order they send them crap. If they call and complain, they may tell them to send it back and it seems as though they are standing right on the port to receive and reship the same crap… How many times can you ship back and forth before going bust? One of my colleagues had to eat $40K worth of hair… Not to mention what she lost in retail and with all the returns and refunds. We have to WAKE UP, SHAKE UP and support Black OWNED Businesses, but better yet, own our own so that and we can command our slice of the $15B pie.”



Knowledge is power.  Continue to speak, continue to share and let’s continue to be heard.


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I wanted to share with you some insight that I received from one of my readers who has 42 years experience inside the 15 billion dollar […]
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