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Toni Daley

Welcome to!

I am so happy that you have chosen to join me on this journey.  I’ve seen black women come together and accomplish great things and there is no reason why we can’t succeed at financially building our community as well….as a matter of fact, I know we can.

 For those of you who don’t know me from YouTube, I have a natural hair and beauty channel under the name ToniDaley80.  I introduced the idea on my YouTube channel for Support a Sista day about a month ago after an Asian owned hair vendor called approached me for review.  After looking them up online I suggested that they consider bringing on a Black person as head of marketing since the slogan they selected is offensive to sole customer base.  They stood by their slogan “Best hair for Africans” because according to them and I quote “The best hair for Africans is virgin and tangle free, not what grows out of their heads.”  This resonated with me because their business and their entire industry are built on our dollars, they know this and yet it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day they will still be living off of our dollar.

Why can’t we support our own, they way we support others?  Why are we harder on each other?  Why do we go out of our way for others but not each other?  We may not even notice we’re doing these things and that’s what this is about.  Let’s start asking ourselves these questions, being conscious of it and spreading awareness of it.  Let’s start the change together.

After posting my video I’ve had many nay-Sayers….but what great idea doesn’t?  J

Some say I fabricated the story in hopes of seeking donations.  However I posted my first “Sista owned haul” on my YouTube channel in 2011. This has always been a passion of mine because I see the potential in us and I have never asked for a donation.

Some say being Black is not enough to gain their support.  However is being white enough? Or Asian?  Of course not.  These people are simply displacing ownership.  It’s not about what the seller has done to deserve your money, it’s about you making a conscious effort to support your community whenever you can.  The ownership is with you.

Some say it’s not possible because everything is manufactured in China.  For those of you who don’t know I make and sell accessories at  I’m an earring fanatic so I make most of my earrings out of a very lightweight wood.  Do you honestly thing that I have tree nursery in my backyard and am manufacturing my own wood?  Of course not!  Regardless of where the supplies come from my business is still Black owned.

We can with as many excuses as we want to as to why we cannot afford to support one another.  Black owned businesses are too expensive or international shipping costs are too high.  We can make all the excuses in the world while we stop for our $2.50 coffee from Starbucks each morning for work or grab that $1 bottle of water from the cafeteria at lunch.  We can support each other.  We must support each other. 

I’m asking you to start today.  Drive past the Starbucks and the McDonalds and support a sista.

January 27, 2014


Welcome to! I am so happy that you have chosen to join me on this journey.  I’ve seen black women come together and accomplish great […]
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