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Toni Daley

Despite the fact that we all wake up flawless, we sometimes have to get out of bed and put on clothes. Oh, how lovely it is to gallivant around your house or apartment in nothing but an oversized tee and shorts, but slipping on a fierce pair of leggings or a bold, show-stopping dress can be just as comfortable, too! If you’re looking for that perfect “Freakum Dress” or your signature Summer ’14 swimsuit that’ll steal the show on the beach, you may want to visit  and get yo’ life.


Founded by New York City designer Marie Jean-Baptiste, Rue107 is a brand for all the “dreamers, lovers and statement makers” who adore the fun and head turning effect of bold, colorful prints and modern silhouettes.  Seen on Nicki Minaj, Christina Milian, Amber Rose, and Dawn Richard, Rue107’s original patterns and designs are adored by the celebs and fashion loving girls all over.


From bodysuits to bathing suits, loose-fitting crop tops to flowing maxi skirts, and in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, Rue107 is for all of the girls who take they’re “OOTDs” seriously.








Past original prints from Rue107 have all been exciting, detailed, and multidimensional, but the latest collection, “Caged Lover,” brings in various artistic elements that mesh quite well together.





Don’t believe me? Well, just ask Queen Bey herself. Beyoncé sported the “Caged Lover” bikini bottoms in her “Flawless***” video. And if the world knew where she got them from, I’m pretty sure they would’ve sold out by now, but luckily for us, they’re in stock!


That brings us to the part where you head over to, #SupportaSista Marie Jean-Baptiste, and fill your online shopping cart with the amazing creations she’s made with so much love. You don’t have to rock the same bikini bottoms as Mrs. Carter—Rue107 has plenty of gorgeous and playful pieces to add to your wardrobe!


I’m pretty sure you’ll fall dangerously in love with Rue107 and the artistry that Jean-Baptiste puts into her designs!
Sorry, I’m not sorry about all of the Beyoncé song references.

Erica O. Famojure

Fashion Director – Strawberry Blunt
Co-creator – Le Femme Flaneur


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Despite the fact that we all wake up flawless, we sometimes have to get out of bed and put on clothes. Oh, how lovely it is […]
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