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Toni Daley

I had the pleasure of trying out the Curly Kinks line and I am love this stuff!
I hate to do a direct comparison to Kinky Curly but because of the similarities it is hard not to!
I’ll start with the Satin Roots leave in conditioner which I really like.  It’s light but heavy enough to moisturize my coarse frizzy type 4 hair.  It’s creamier than the comparable Knot-Today leave in which is why I think my type 4’s would enjoy this product line a bit more than it’s popular counterpart.  It’s lightly scented reminds me faintly of marshmallows.  It’s a nice light moisturizer that I could see using as an everyday moisturizer.

761Next I used the Coil Jam which is intended to be a curl defining product.  Since I have no real defined curl pattern naturally I decided to use it as a styler for my twist out instead.  The first thing I noticed when I applied this product to my hair is that it has an insane amount of slip!  Like really….
This stuff could be a detangler my hair immediately submitted and released any knots or tangles that it was thinking about forming.  I’m looking forward to using it as intended in the future. This product would be comparable to the Kinky Curly curling custard, I found that it was heavier though which again is why I like it better than the Kinky Curly line, not to mention that the prices are much more reasonable.  I also did NOT get the white goobers that I inevitably always get with Kinky Curly.


I applied the leave in, sealed with coconut oil and then used the coil jam to put my hair into chunky twists.  I added white perm rods on the ends for a more uniform look.
The results were very soft, pretty and had a light hold.

So all in all I like the products and would definitely recommend them to my fellow product junkies who may be in the market for something new

You can find these products at


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I had the pleasure of trying out the Curly Kinks line and I am love this stuff! I hate to do a direct comparison to Kinky […]
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