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Andi Williams is a professional writer and published author with over 14 years experience.  Andi has always gravitated towards writing as even as a child as she found it easier to express herself through writing then verbally.  She recently self published her novel “Inherited Curses” and shares a bit about the story:


“My book is called “Inherited Curses” and it was written in 2008 as a prayer to God actually. It didn’t get published until 2010 because I never thought I would publish deep, intimate details of my life to the world. I come from a Jamaican family and we are quite conservative. We just don’t talk about certain things, especially in public. But in 2009, God spoke to me and told me that it would become a book. I was not trying to hear that because I didn’t want people to know those things about myself, but God was grooming me. I had a dream about the cover one night. I saw a baby and hands picking up a baby, with different words like “poverty, low self-esteem” written on the fingers. From there, I knew I had to be obedient to God’s instructions. I was in my 20’s then and going through some very dark times in my life. I began to reflect on my entire life from childhood, young adulthood and years in college. A lot of the things I went through were repeated events that I watched my mother go through with my father. Which is why It’s called “Inherited Curses.” I chronically chose men that were emotionally unavailable to me and the cumulative effect from that affected me in every sense of the word. I had a sit down conversation with my mother and asked her to tell me what happened to her during her childhood, young adulthood, and even when she was pregnant with me. I know what I saw growing up between my parents. My father was not the loving husband or father that a wife or child needs. In fact he was quite abusive. My mother shared with me some very interesting events in her childhood years that made me have a full circle moment. It all began to make perfect sense to me. I learned that just like hair texture and eye color can be passed down to children through DNA, there is a spiritual DNA that can be passed down as well. I take full responsibility for my actions and don’t blame anybody for events that happened to me in my young adulthood years. But you cannot deny that we are predisposed to certain things through our bloodline…good or bad. Today, I stand as a woman in her 30’s full aware of the role that we as women need to take in our own protection of our hearts, mental well-being, spiritual health, emotional health and physical health. I also recognize that small faint voice, that I believe is the Holy Spirit, will always speak to you and show you when something or someone is not good for you. I listen to that voice now and never question it. It’s important for people who find themselves making the same mistakes or who feel like they are in a spiritual roadblock, to ask questions from their elders and find out exactly where you come from because you just might be surprised what is in your spiritual bloodline. The beautiful thing is that once you identify what is there, it can all be broken through God’s grace. You can’t know what to pray for, if you never ask and find out.”


You can find out more about the author as well as purchase her book online at




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Andi Williams is a professional writer and published author with over 14 years experience.  Andi has always gravitated towards writing as even as a child as […]
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