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Toni Daley

I came across the Shhhhhz Designs Body Bar booth at this year’s Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty show.  I stopped in my tracks at the yummy fragrances that wafted as I passed by and took notice of their body bars that looked good enough to eat!  I knew I had to find out more about about these unique products and certainly share them with you all!  So I got the chance to catch up with Shelly Ann who shares a bit more about what she does:


My name is Shelly Ann Keyma Mc Leod, born October 24th 1981, on the beautiful twin Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Born into a family deeply involved in theatre arts, at the tender age of 3, I graces the church’s stage with the Sunday school choir winning the hearts and smiles of many. I began formal dance training at age 11 with Les Enfants Dance Company then was awarded a Scholarship from COBA Collective of Black Artists (Toronto), to further strengthen my dance skill and technique. I am a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, singer/musician, jewelry designer/maker, clothing designer and owner of Shhhhh Designz Body Bar.


I started SD Body Bar because store bought soaps and moisturizers just did not work on my skin. I researched for months trying to find something that will work and finally decided to make my own. I experimented with a small batch and there is where it all started really. I gave samples to my dance mates and they loved it.


When I do events I have to make sure to tell people ‘These are soaps, please don’t take a bite’.  I make ALL my products and yes 99% of the ingredients All Natural. The 1% that is not natural is Sodium Hydroxide (lye), without lye it won’t be soap.


SD Body Bar currently offers lip balms, lotions, solid perfumes, hair conditioners, bubble bath and laundry detergent. Also wedding favours, party favours (bridal and baby showers)


The online store is going through a bit of ‘renovation’, so can have a look at the products on or facebook Page send me a message and if it is in stock I will get it to you, contact me at and or through events I do around the city. I usually post events on the facebook Page.


I asked Shelly Ann to share some words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and here’s what she had to say: “Whatever you set your mind to, go for it. No matter what it is, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, just take it one step at a time. Sometimes it may seem like the road is long and you not reaching where you think you should be, take a deep breath, recharge that mental battery and keep on the straight and narrow road.”



Be sure to follow Shhhhh Designz Body bar on Facebook at


You can also find her goods at the following upcoming events:

Holly Jolly Gift and craft show Sunday November 30th 2014 (Royal Canadian Legion Branch 582 – Cookeville, 456 Hensall Circle, Mississauga, Ontario L5A 1X7)

Christmas Made by Hand Show December 6th-7th 2014 (Careport Centre in Hamilton)

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I came across the Shhhhhz Designs Body Bar booth at this year’s Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty show.  I stopped in my tracks at the yummy […]
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