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Toni Daley

I came across Beaute Crepue on Etsy through a recommendation from one of my viewers on YouTube.  I initially reached out to them in hopes of getting an interview to feature here on SupportaSista.  Although I didn’t get a response (not sure if they didn’t receive my message or if it was due to a difference in language)  I completed a purchase and wanted to share with you my thoughts on some of the goodies that I tried out!


The products arrived quickly and well packaged.  The only downside I found is that the labels are all in French so if your French skills are not exactly up to par you’ll find yourself having to go back to their website for directions before each use.



The Amla powder hair soap was really enjoyable to use.  It’s a shampoo bar that is so rich and creamy and actually moisturizing.  I didn’t like the smell but had no problems with detangling and my hair felt really soft after washing.


The organic marshmallow root and flaxseed moisturizing gel is a must try and definitely going into my staples list.  I have really kinky 4c hair so I’m not big on wet styling.  For my twist outs I prefer heavy butters and creamy products to keep my hair from drying out so I didn’t actually use this as a ‘gel’ per say.  I do however think it’s the world’s best detangler (or at least the best one I’ve tried so far!)  It literally melts the tangles away and minimizes the ripping and damage that I’ve experienced with other so called detanglers.  I use it on wash days prior to washing or mid-week to refresh a style.



The hair growth active treatment is a deep conditioner that contains MSM, brewers yeast and cocoa powder, all said to promote hair growth.  My hair did feel soft and moisturized after using it but I haven’t been using it long enough to testify to any sort of growth spurt.   What I can say that I really enjoyed using it.  It smells EXACTLY like chocolate!


Overall I’ve had a very pleasant experience with this brand and look forward to purchasing from them again in the future.

You can check them out at





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