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Toni Daley

My name is Terrieka Monnay and I currently live in Ontario, Canada but I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica. I am a newly wed as of last year June 2014. Before marrying my lovely husband, it was just me living in Canada by myself, I have no relatives or close family members with me here, but now that I am married, its me and my husband. I learnt to be independent in my early teens since moving here to finish high school and later continuing on to University and College to get a degree in Chemistry. I am used to doing everything myself and making things work the best I know how. Since I had to take on this mentality of figuring things out for myself, my creative juices have been flowing ever since, because I always want to know how to do everything. I love anything arts and craft related, and as such it has led me to learning crochet. I began teaching myself how to crochet last year October and upon mentioning that to one of my friends, she suggested that I start selling some of my pieces. That is how I birthed Yarnly Brocades by Tee in January. I realized that I had the ability to combine my love of art with my crochet to create something customized however a person might need it, so that they alone would have that special piece. I like to keep things simple, yet unique and leave it up to the customer to rock their custom piece however they feel.



I got into the fashion industry simply because a friend suggested I use my skills and make money from it. So what was a hobby became a source of income and although its only been a few short months, I am very happy and feel extremely blessed with the growth it has made thus far. All my Yarnly Brocade pieces are hand made. I work with the customer to pick out colors for whatever it is they want made, then I make them. Depending on how busy I am or what the particular order is, it takes between 2- 3 weeks.



My inspiration for making my pieces comes from the words “positivity and happiness”. I know its not a common answer, but thats really what I think about when I make something. Besides listening to a customer to cater the piece to what they want, I like to pour those 2 words into everything I make, so to me those things are bright colors, flowers and simplicity, anything that can make a person feel happy and at ease. With each of my orders, I always place a special card that has a positive message on the back, just to uplift whoever the order is going to because everyone needs a kind word.


To anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, know that the belief to do anything comes from within you. Never disregard a thought you might have to start or build something. Always surround yourself with positive people and feed your mind with the right thoughts and words. Everything in life has difficulties, but they also have amazing rewards when you put in the time and effort. Always believe in yourself whole-heartedly. Take the time to analyze everything and always write things down. I believe a pen and a notebook, are awesome tools for anyone. Every single idea you have, write it down, because capturing that thought and reading it later, can manifest into something so much greater. There will be hurdles, but breathe, hold on to it and swing your legs over one at a time. If you want to do something, just go for it and do it, even if you fail, at least you would have tried. That failure, just means you have more times to try again. And lastly, know that you are a winner for the mere fact that you have an idea and want to build something of it.




You can find me on Facebook at Yarnly Brocades by Tee.



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March 22, 2015


My name is Terrieka Monnay and I currently live in Ontario, Canada but I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica. I am a newly wed as of […]
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