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Toni Daley

I am Nathanielle Bernard McKellar. I currently live in Windsor ON, but I’m originally from  Port-au-Prince, Haiti. My family and I moved from Haiti to Miami, Fl, then from Miami to Windsor, So it’s been 16 years since I left home and I haven’t been back since. I met my hubby in Windsor and we got married in 2012. Besides crochet, I have so many other hobbies that I sometimes feel like a “Jack of all trades”. I’ve recently became a make-up enthusiast, a wig maker and a DIY fanatic, in other words, I like to create and make things myself.


Crochet was introduced to me back in 1997 when I was only 13 years years old. At that time it was offered as an extracurricular activity at my school back in Haiti. It was either culinary art or crochet; I chose crochet because it did seems challenging and I didn’t feel like taking cooking lessons because my mother was already teaching how to cook. After I left Haiti in 1999, I made a nice doily for her birthday, after that, I stopped crocheting. I didn’t feel the necessity to crochet because I got busy with school, friends and other activities that I was interested in. Fast forward to 2012, I discovered some crochet tutorials on youtube and that is when I started to love crochet and felt inspired to crochet again. I was amazed at the various things I can make with just yarn and a needle.  Since I already knew the basics such as the different stitches in French, I had to learn what the proper terms were in English. So I begin to purchase yarns, needles, books and spent countless hrs watching tutorials on youtube, so that I could get reacquainted with crochet. Later on that year around December, I started  my business Off Hook Creations. This decision came about after my husband, noticing how passionate I became about crochet and how good some of the pieces I made for him, suggested that I should turn my hobby into a business. I was hesitant at first, then I thought “why not, there is nothing wrong with trying…”


I do hand make all my pieces and I make them with my clients in mind, meaning that I have to want to buy my own pieces if I were my client. I also believe in giving it my all when I am doing something and if I make mistakes, which I am bound to, I like to correct them. My word of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs as an aspiring entrepreneur myself is to be persistent and not give up.  So many times I get frustrated because I don’t get as many clients as I would want, but I keep doing what I do because it’s not only about the money. I love it when my current clients are satisfied with my pieces. Also, learn to self teach. What I mean by that is to not only learn, but to also teach yourself to be better at what you do on a daily basis. For example, there are stitches that I never heard of before that I decided to learn, just because I don’t want my products to be uniform and boring.


I can be found on social media; facebook, instagram, twitter and my personal blog

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I am Nathanielle Bernard McKellar. I currently live in Windsor ON, but I’m originally from  Port-au-Prince, Haiti. My family and I moved from Haiti to Miami, […]
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