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Toni Daley

While perusing the many vendors at this years INHMD meet up in Buffalo NY, I came across the Zandra Beauty booth.  I was drawn towards the whimsical packaging and decided to take a closer look.  I started chatting with the ladies at the booth to gather info for the blog assuming it was their company but they corrected me.  They explained that they were manning the booth but the owner who had started the company 5 years ago was on her way over and pointed across the room.  I followed their direction and was confused….”I’m sorry are you pointing to that little girl?”  Yes….they were!


Astonished by the fact that the company was founded by a then 9 year old who had accomplished much more in her teenage years than most adults, I immediately felt so proud of her.  I just had to support.


I purchased about 4 products but the one in particular I want to review for you is the ‘Let’s Face It 2Gether’ Bamboo Clay Clarifying Face Bar.


Unfortunately I still battle acne in my adulthood so I decided to give this a try.  For some reason in my head I expected it to be very similar to black soap….maybe because of the colour, or word clarifying but it was not at all what I expected.


The soap itself lathers very well but was not drying at all.  My face felt clean after rinsing but not at all stripped which I was kind of expecting.

I’ve been using the bar for about a month now and have barely made a dent in it so it seems to be very long lasting.  Each morning I dampen my spin brush, rub it on the soap until it suds and then gently rub my face in circular motions.

Unfortunately it didn’t help with hyperpigmentation or dark marks and after using the soap for a while I have noticed that my skin starts to look dull so it did not aid in improving the brightness or tone of my skin. However I am very happy to say that it has completely kept any  new breakouts at bay while I’ve been using it.

Overall I’m a fan of their products and would definitely encourage you all to check out the website.



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While perusing the many vendors at this years INHMD meet up in Buffalo NY, I came across the Zandra Beauty booth.  I was drawn towards the […]
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